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    Suggested outline for Andrews Promo video for Adok



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    Suggested outline for Andrews Promo video for Adok

    Post by kev on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:29 pm

    Introduction for video: Have Adok Rsps 718/830 played across the screen with "pumped up" music in the background. ( I don't know the extent of software you have). After a small intro of a few seconds, I would show the home while wearing tier 90 gear, with 90 level weapons. This is to grab the people watching the video, showing them what items you have to offer.

    From showing the home, I would then display onspot-dueling, Premium Zones/areas, Explaining the fire/ice torva drops(people will be interested in that). Then show some Bossing, and explain what it drops and wear some of the items it drops. Explain that you have all skills working but no need to show any. From there add whatever you want!


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