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    1N4X1's Moderator Application



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    1N4X1's Moderator Application

    Post by 1N4X1 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:06 am

    Moderator Application

    What is your in-game name?


    What is your real name?

    This is not my name.:
    Ask me personally if you want it.

    How old are you?

    This is not my age.:
    Age is not a concern, so ask me personally.

    What time zone are you in?

    (EST) - Eastern Standard TimeZone

    What is your current rank?
    Normal Player @ Medium XP Rate

    How long have you been playing Adok?
    Approximately since 10/21/2016

    How many hours are you active daily in-game?
    Honestly right now, only about two hours.

    How often are you on the forums?
    Three times a day

    Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Specify)
    RSPS's, no. I've worked on Minecraft servers.
    I worked as the Head-Administrator on a gaming network called "
    This is a different gaming server - not advertising:
    " - famously known from the YouTuber
    Youtube Channel:
    , now
    Second Youtube Channel:
    I worked as the Head-Administrator for approximately 1 year and 8 months with almost 250 players on daily.
    I know the load of what a server needs to take, on any game mostly.
    This is a different gaming server - not advertising:
    , I did a boat load of stuff.
    - Controlled all employees + staff members
    - Handled Paypal issues
    - Set-up the server network
    - Controlled the forum

    Honestly, the servers aren't very different at all as in:
    - Same Commands // Different syntax
    - Obviously different gaming style

    Are you staff on other server at this moment?

    Why should we pick you?
    I have a huge amount of experience of expertise in being "a staff member" more than an average teenager.
    It would be a little challenge for me.
    Come on, why not pick me?

    If your friend was breaking a rule, and you were a staff member, how would you handle the situation? (Be Specific!)
    Treat them as you'd treat anyone else.
    You can't be easy on someone just because you know them.
    Give them the punishment you would to anyone else in the situation they're in.

    If a player came into game and started to advertise, what would you do? (Be Specific!)
    1.) Mute the player
    2.) Kick from any channels
    3.) Jail the player
    4.) Find out what server the player came from, and ask the owner to stop endorsing it, if he is.
    5.) Explain to the player why it's forbidden, and why he shouldn't do that.
    6.) Let him know if he wants to continue advertising, he will be IP banned, if not then he can play on the server and join the fun. #Ultimatum

    Do you have anything else to add? (Optional)
    I'm good at investigating, tracking down players causing A LOT of trouble.
    Currently in the United States Air Force as the job 1N4X1 - Fusion Analyst.
    I know technology like it's the back of my hand, hardware + software.
    I've been playing Runescape since I was in 3rd Grade, and now I'm a senior in highschool.
    I've been playing on RSPS's since I was in 8th grade.
    I can code pretty decently.
    I know too many bugs of the server already, and need to get them fixed ASAP, including
    @Adok Wink:
    Much love,


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    Re: 1N4X1's Moderator Application

    Post by kev on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:58 am

    Nice application, well written out. Good luck in the next round of staff picks!

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